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Located in Nelson, the Kootenay Bakery Cafe' Cooperative creates delicious sweet and savoury baked goods, breakfast, lunch and snacks.

Proud to be an organic bakery cafe', our cooperative has been serving the Kootenay's and beyond since 2000.

In addition to classic bakery fare of sourdough breads, bagels, pies, cakes and cookies, we offer products that are gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free and wheat-free without sacrificing taste or quality.

We focus on producing food that is delicious, wholesome and healthy, encompassing various dietary needs.



(250) 352-2274



377 Baker St.,
Nelson B.C. V1L 4H6



M-Sat 7:30am–6pm

Organic Java
dark and delicious

Drip Expresso Americano Canadiana

Cappuccino Latte Breve' Mocha

Tea Etc

Organic Teas

Kootenai Chai Latte

London Fog

Hot Chocolate

Fresh Juice

Fresh Juice Bar*organic

*Apple *Carrot

Garden Green

*seasonal greens, *cucumbers, *carrot, parsley, *apple juice, E-3 Alive (blue green algae)

Morning Zinger

*carrot, Fresh *ginger, *apple juice

Veggie Bliss

*carrot, *beet, *celery, fresh *ginger


bee pollen, E-3 Alive, emergen-C, *hemp powder, *yogurt


Cocoa Dream

*banana, *dates, *cocoa, * vanilla, in your choice of *almond, *soy or cow *milk

Protein Power

*sunflower butter, *hemp powder, *banana in your choice of *almond, *soy or cow *milk

Tropical Delight

*mango, *coconut milk, *pineapple, *banana, in your choice of *almond, *soy or cow *milk

You Build It

One Liquid

*almond, *soy, *apple juice or cow*milk

Two Fruits

*banana, *blueberry, cranberry, raspberry, or *strawberry


bee pollen, E-3 Alive, emergen-C, *hemp powder, *yogurt

Cold Drinks


Cafe' *Lemonaide

Cafe' Wildberry Herbal Iced Tea

*Apple Juice

Iced *Chai

Iced *Americano or *Expresso

Iced Latte*

All *Milks

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All of our baked goods

are created by us from ingredients that we choose.

fresh                organic              delicious


All of our baked goods are created here in our bakery:

           breads pie fillings: sweet and savoury    cookies    

     muffins       cakes  icings    toppings    puff pastry    confectionaries  

We use many types of flours, including wheat, spelt, rye, barley, oat, rice, corn and more.,

We mention this as we are part an increasingly small number of bakery cafe's that cook and bake entirely from "scratch".

We are proud of this!


Sourdough Breads

Spelt Baker St.

Kootenay Sunflower

Light Rye Russian

Rye Caraway Rye

Selkirk Sourdough

Silica St.

100% rye

Sprouted Mountain

bread 1.jpg

Yeasted Breads



Baker St.


bagles 10-11-2018 (49).jpg

New York Style Bagels

Wheat or Spelt with Sesame or Poppy Seed



Spelt or Wheat Kaiser, Dinner, Burger or Hotdog


Seasonal: Golden Autumn Buns




spelt pita 2.JPG

Pita Bread & Wraps

Wheat or Spelt

kbcc frozen.JPG

We Make It

You Bake It

Cookies: Ginger, Oat, Chocolate Chip, Vanilla Shortbread


Gluten Free Bread & Buns

Pie Crust: spelt

Pizza Crust: spelt or wheat - dough rounds or flats

Savoury Rolls

Veggie Burger and more

Each and every part of  our sweets are made in-house

jam to pie filling         muffins to mousse

 Cookies      Cakes     Muffins     Pastries

 Tarts & Pies and more ...

Its all real

Organic cocoa, frostings made with butter and cream cheese, natural colourings from turmeric, spirulina powder and beet juice.

Delicious treats that you can trust are made with real ingredients.

Come visit us soon!


Here is a peek of our year of renovations: